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Leading The Way

Here at HKFilm, we take every effort to maintain our standing as one of the most reliable and high-quality production houses in Vietnam.  We scour the market for the latest technology and techniques for our clients’ use, ensuring every HKFilm-powered product explodes onto screens.  From partnering with Galaxy Studio for production of “Mỹ Nhân Kế” (3D, 2013) to leading production for films like “Cô Dâu Đại Chiến” (2011) and “Giải Cứu Thần Chết” (2009) among others, HKFilm has experience to bring to any project in the industry.

We’re pleased to announce that, with the worldwide distribution and success of “Mỹ Nhân Kế”, Director Nguyen Quang Dung has once again partnered with HKFilm for principle photography of his next blockbuster: “Sieu Nhan X” starring supermodel Thanh Hang.


Trinh Hoan, HKFilm founder, experimenting with some of our new toys.  Trinh Hoan, HKFilm founder, experimenting with some of our new toys. 

 The film is being shot in Ho Chi Minh City and will hit theaters sometime next year.  In addition to this film, HKFilm continues to produce a number of programs (VTV, HTV, VSTV, ect) in its three state-of-the-art studios.  These shows include dramas, stalk shows, reality shows, sitcoms, and other programming.

HKFilm has blazed the trail for Vietnamese film production since the company’s founding in 2005.  As seen in the constant growth of the company’s clientele over the past nine years, it’s safe to say the folks at HKFilm emphasize quality in their craft.  The only question that remains is one every moviegoer will want answered: what will HKFilm make next?


Our awesome crew is excited for the future of HKFilm!

What’s New? 


  • HK Film has recently purchased a Phantom Flex 4 K, the first high-speed camera in Vietnam.  The device captures thousands of pictures per second, yielding a breathtaking result.  We have been using the camera lately for TVC shots, but we envision using this innovative technology in action films to create pictures of the highest quality
  • Are you a perfectionist looking for only the highest possible quality for your product?  The Alexa XT is the first Arri camera capable of recording RAW pictures internally.  The new technology allows directors to shoot in the prestine RAW format without busting the bank. If you are looking for perfection, HK Film has you covered.

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